Guitar, drum, keyboard, microphones, PA systems, and more.
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Guitar, drum, keyboard, microphones, PA systems, and more.
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Our studio is bookable by the hour. This studio is acoustically treated with high-quality equipment.
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Our studio is well equipped and the control room, where audio engineers, record producers...
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We provide a variety of repair and upkeep services for loudspeakers and other instruments.
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Our expert team will guide you through consultation to installation. We can also help you ensure that you install the correct equipment
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This course is for you. We will introduce the elements of music theory for those with little or no music theory experience.
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Who we are

Direct sound quality at any event whether small or large should never be compromised. Nonetheless very little attention is given to the quality and performance of PA systems and musical instruments.”Despite all the attention given to camera angles, lens selection, switcher transitions, and
lighting, the one sure way to lose an audience is by delivery bad audio”, says Church Production Magazine.

As a company, our quest is to provide quality audio service and products to a wide range of customers; from individuals, private institutions to public, and governmental organizations.
We are QUALITY SOUND SOLUTIONS, a pro audio company in Accra Ghana, West Africa. Our goal is to meet your every need in the area of sound.

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